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WHO Report: Wildlife Farms, Not Market, Likely Source Of Coronavirus Pandemic

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In an exclusive interview with NPR, Peter Daszak, part of the investigative team that did two weeks of research in China, said it found evidence that wildlife farms may be a potential source of the main spillover event.

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Why you might want to start wearing better masks — even outdoors

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The spread of more contagious coronavirus variants in Canada amid already high levels of COVID-19 makes it a critical time to think about the masks we wear.

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Researchers picked up 1,300 pieces of discarded PPE in west-end Toronto in a month

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In a little over a month of daily three-hour forays, the pair documented (and removed) over 1,300 pieces of discarded PPE in six locations..

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Justin Trudeau warns tougher travel restrictions are on the horizon

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International travellers beware: the federal government is considering a requirement that people returning to Canada quarantine in a hotel at their own expense for 14 days to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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This online calculator estimates when you'll receive your COVID-19 vaccine

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Tool co-created by Toronto developer gives ‘general idea’ of how long the queue is.

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